What a great day of fun and competitive games we had again. Team Liquid had an amazing game plan for DWG with their early lane swap and invade on red buff, where DWG didn’t react properly and it was transparent they are not used to this type of play which teams in the future will maybe exploit.

However just a few minutes after their great strategy pulled them a gold lead,shut down DWG Nuguri on Kayle and let Jensen free farm on Anivia a huge mistake happened. TL started an ocean dragon without damage,health or enough levels. DWG reacted and basically won the game off of that play. Too much gold lead was generated and Team Liquid had no room to come back to the game.

In their final game versus the insanely talented solo laners of IG Rookie and TheShy, they looked disorganized and outclassed. On the early levels Rookie managed to solo kill Jensen, who had a horrible showing today and in our opinion didn’t perform to World Championship standards and was one of the main reasons TL dropped out and went back home. Maybe Jensen could use our elo boost services. Once Rookie on Qiyana had the lead early with moby boots, he managed to snow ball other lanes and help TheShy scale faster on his Vladimir and close the game quick. Game was not even close and IG got their revenge for the losses they have had against Team Liquid during this years MSI.

Finally, we have to say that the defending champion Invictus Gaming looks scary. They finally got back into their championship form and just in time.

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