The young and talented DWG team have shown today that they’re still inexperienced as a team. Even though DWG has incredible solo queue players and they managed to stomp through EUW elo ladder, when pressure got to them they didn’t look as a cohesive unit. On the other hand, G2 really looked like a team of players that understand each other and coordinate perfectly. 

Once again we have seen a team during this World Championship that got baited by the Kayle pick,just like FNC Bwipo did yesterday. It has had a very low success rate and will continue to fail because teams play at a pace that is too fast for Kayle to scale and become relevant in the game. The hero of the series without a question was G2’s ADC Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković. Perkz made almost no mistakes during all of 4 games and we saw that he’s incredibly focused and ready to boost his team all the way to the World Finals. 

One of the best up and coming players DWG ‘Nuguri’ was simply not put in a position to carry in the draft and his coaching staff. We think ‘Nuguri’ as their best player should’ve played more aggressive carry style champions. DWG’s botlane was outclassed and could not match G2’s botlane and that’s the main reason they could not get over G2 and get to Semi Finals.

In the Semi Finals we have a MSI Semi Finals rematch where SKT will meet G2, tell us who will win the Semi Finals, the Korean Dynasty SKT T1 or the LEC powerhouse G2?

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