New champion Lilia for the patch 10.15


Analysis of the most impactful changes for the League of Legends 10.15 patch update.

Aphelios ( Nerfed )

> Aphelios is getting nerfed through a series of patches because of his overperformance in almost all elo ranges.  He’s still a strong adc that can solo carry the games with the right team composition.

Caitlyn ( Buffed )

> Considering the nerfs of the other adcs in the last few patch notes and the buffs of the crit items, Caitlyn is back in the meta as one of the strongest adcs to pick. Some of our boosters started to play her again because of the small buffs that she got. 

Fiddlesticks ( Nerfed )

>It’s just a nerf to lane Fiddlesticks because of his enormous amount of tankiness in laning phase that wasn’t really fun to play against. Jungle Fiddlesticks is still strong.

Gragas ( Buffed )

> Gragas has the potential to be one of the meta jungler picks as he used to be. With these buffs he might be seen in the boosting scene again.

Irelia ( Buffed )

> Boost to her passive will make her stronger but it’s not really impactful enough that she would be meta again.

Lee Sin ( Nerfed )

> Cooldown increase on his W won’t make a huge impact on him. He will still be a great solo queue jungler and huge threat in higher elos.

Ornn ( Nerfed )

> Nothing major, there will be no change with Ornn because of this small nerf.

Rakan ( Buffed )

League of Legends 10.15 patch Rakan

> A small buff that won’t change his place in the meta.

Shen ( Buffed )

> A decent buff that will make Shen a far more often pick on the top lane because of increased shield value he will be far more durable in lane.

Skarner ( Buffed )

> Great buff that will hopefully help Skarner back in the game because he was really forgotten.

Swain ( Buffed )

> Swain is getting a lot more utility. These changes are favourable for support Swain, not as much for mid or top Swain.

Thresh ( Nerfed )

> A small nerf, you won’t be able to use his W two times anyway in the teamfights.

Twisted Fate ( Nerfed )

> Cooldown increase on his W is a little too much for him. Because of that his early and mid game will be far worse than before.

Yuumi ( Buffed )

> A small buff to her passive, because of that she might see more play even though she was nerfed last patch.


> A small buff to AP support champions, because of this it will make them a little bit stronger than before.



> We are excited to see how good she will perform in current meta.

In conclusion, these were all the important changes for the League of Legends 10.15 patch update.

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