Huge surprise for LEC at Worlds today!

What a crazy day of groups we have had today. CG going home back to NA with 0 wins, SKT taking 1st place in groups and advancing,however the biggest shocker so far to us in the whole group stage was that FNC kicked out one of their biggest opponents in the history of their organization RNG.

In our opinion, FNC won already in the draft due to bad champion select from RNG. Who wants to pair up a Lulu with a non-attack speed carry like Ezreal? Especially a flashless Lulu with the likes of Leona/Pyke support being available for the draft. Even lower elo players know that this is a bad combination. FNC has shown great lane presence and map control since the first couple minutes. Nemesis controlled the mid lane easily, pushed the wave and roamed leaving Uzi and Ming zero room to breathe.

In later stages FNC having 2 mountain drakes would lead to them easily securing baron buffs multiple times and simply taking out RNG step by step. It will for sure boost their confidence. We must say we did not expect this to happen at all since RNG was a dark horse to win the World Championship 2019.


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