GRIFFIN stomps G2, ruins their perfect record and takes over the 1st seed in Group A

G2 Esports’ undefeated streak at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship has been stopped after another dominant showing by the LCK powerhouse second seed, GRIFFIN.

Even though G2 were able to stay even, GRIFFIN took over the early game in both games and dominated the LEC’s 1st seed G2. G2’s Jungler ‘Jankos’ had trouble with keeping up with the pressure of GRIFFIN’s Jungler ‘Tarzan’. ‘Tarzan,’ who is arguably the best jungler in the whole tournament, was the main reason that his team was so dominant, ‘Tarzan’ had incredible plays, showed perfect rotations and his impeccable Lee Sin is one of the main reasons for recent GRIFFIN’s success.
Every mistake that G2 made was heavily punished by the enemy team. European team wasn’t able to take almost any objectives and GRIFFIN was just getting more and more gold advantage in both games. GRIFFIN’s flawless team coordination and quick rotations got them to ruin G2’s dream of getting a 6-0 in the Group A.

Analysts and viewers were surprised by the incredible performance and team play that GRIFFIN showed today.

We were expecting an easy win for G2, maybe a 1-1, but no one expected a 2-0 for GRIFFIN. The true potential of LCK’s 2nd seed has been shown today and now in our minds we have to reconsider our favourite team to win the World Championship. However, we are sure G2 will do their best to bounce back from today and get back to their dominating form.

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