Server issues


League of Legends server issues are quite common in last few weeks.
Players and boosters have reported that they have issues even logging into the client or having long queue times.
Riot worked with European internet service providers ( ISPs ) to make latency improvements, however players are still troubled with massive ping spikes. Random disconnects and login issues are getting more and more common. This will potentially harm enjoyment and the trust of the current players. Because of the constant server issues, players are getting more and more frustrated with the current state of the game.
Riot Games have announced that they’re doing their best to solve and boost their servers capabilities. 

Because of the server issues, some of the boosts have been delayed. Boosters will try as soon as possible to finish your demands when the servers get back online. We hope that the server situation won’t last for too long and that your orders won’t get delayed any longer. 

We apologise for the inconvenience, but there’s not a lot that we can do at this point regarding order delays. 

In conclusion let’s all hope that Riot will fix the current issues as fast as possible.


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