We’ll analyze the most impactful changes for the 10.9 League of Legends patch update.

Bard ( Nerfed )

> These nerfs are targeting Bard’s ability to roam early game. Even though his E now has a bigger cooldown, you won’t be using it twice in the same teamfight or a roam. His W nerf is not too significant to make a huge difference overall. Even though 2 of his abilities got nerfed, his place in the meta stays the same.

Cho’Gath ( Buffed )

> Boost to his E damage is not really important because it’s the least important tool in his kit. It won’t make a huge impact in the late game teamfights.

Fiddlesticks ( Buffed )

> A small buff to a Support Fiddlesticks, nothing major.

Gnar ( Buffed )

> These small boosts to Gnar’s Q and E won’t really make him more viable in lane and in teamfights because his primary objective is CC with his R and W during his Mega Gnar transformation.

Karthus ( Nerfed )

> Reducing his movement speed will have a negative effect on his clearing jungle, ganking and disengaging speed. But he will still stay a strong jungler.

Kayn ( Buffed )

> Kayn is back. A lot of our boosters are using him again for their boosting adventures. Better clear speed and fighting with his Q buffs and easier ganks with 90% slow on his W.

Lissandra ( Buffed )

> After a history of harsh nerfs during the last season while she was dominating mid lane and pro scene, she’s finally getting some justice. Decreasing cooldown on her Q helps her a lot in her laning phase while making her a bigger threat in teamfights.

Nami ( Nerfed )

> Small nerfs that don’t change her place in the meta.

Quinn ( Buffed )

> Increased duration on her Q makes her stronger in a 1v1 but she’s not really a meta pick so we won’t see her more often because of this buff.

Trundle ( Nerfed )

> He’s a good pick against tank compositions and by nerfing his ultimate he won’t be reliable in teamfights as before and he’ll have to be more careful with using his R.

Wukong ( Nerfed )

> Wukong is getting nerfed step by step because of his overperformance after his rework.


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