We’ll analyze the most impactful changes for the 10.10 League of Legends patch update.

Annie ( Buffed )

> Boosts to her E and R will make her more viable pick on the mid lane. Increasing damage on her Burning Aura will make her combos far more deadlier and it will be easier to snowball when you hit level 6.
Damage reduction buff will also increase her survivability during the team fights because she’s usually considered the biggest threat.

Diana ( Nerfed )

> A really small nerf. She will still be aggressive in lane. Her place in the meta stays the same.

Irelia ( Buffed )

> A small boost to her E will make her all-ins in the early game far more successful, but nothing major.

Katarina ( Nerfed )

> A small nerf to her passive. She will still be a deadly mid laner as usual if played correctly.

Kayn ( Nerfed )

> Red Kayn will remain powerful after the last patch. A small % reduction won’t effect him too much.

Kled ( Nerfed )

> A small nerf. Cooldown increase on his Q won’t make him less aggressive.

Miss Fortune ( Nerfed )

> Not a major nerf. It doesn’t target her major strenghts.

Maokai ( Nerfed )

> Menace in the top lane. He’s finally getting some nerf hammer attention. Players and boosters were complaining about this humoungus tree. These nerfs will make him far more docile.

Nidalee ( Buffed )

> A small buff that won’t really change her place in the meta. She’s still struggling in the jungle compared to other champions.

Sivir ( Buffed )

> Boosting her E mana restoration will make her far more oppressive than before. But it is not a major change.

Soraka ( Buffed )

> Huge buff for already strong Banana. We’ll probably see her in other lanes again. Making her far more dangerous in lane with the damage buff and reducing her health cost for her W will make her allies almost invincible during early/mid game.

Taric ( Nerfed )

> It’s quite a nerf to Taric’s sustain and tankiness in lane so his playability might drop.

Twisted Fate ( Buffed )

> Nothing major. Twisted Fate doesn’t have issues with maintaining mana and a small stats buff won’t make him more viable than before.

Udyr ( Buffed )

> Not a major buff. Udyr needs far more than a small movement speed buff to be viable.

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