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You can still buy accounts via our discord.

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Yes, you can easily see all of the details of any account you would like to purchase beforehand easily.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers
Are Saying



DuxDragon is probably one of the nicest person and skilled i ever meet on LoL. Really amazing job and fast order. Will repeat for sure!

Silver II Gold IV



Really good player , he made it fast

Platinum III Platinum I



very fast

Bronze II Gold III



Very fast

Platinum III 3 Wins



Insane gameplay, he even gives commentary on what and why he does

Gold II 4 Wins



Very friendly, love his gameplay, would order again!

Gold I 2 Wins



Boosted my stats and rank! Super nice and always open to chat. Might look into coaching to sustain his hard work!

Bronze III Gold IV



Kindred go brrrrr

Silver II Gold IV



Awesome player, top dog

Diamond IV Diamond III



super good

Diamond IV Diamond I



by far one of the best ! great guy too !

Silver II Gold IV



Good wr in duoq with him. He is a really good solo laner. I would take him again.

Platinum I Diamond IV



well done lad

Diamond III Diamond II



God tier booster. Got the job very quickly !! ??

Silver IV Gold IV



Perfect player.

Platinum I Diamond IV



Clean and fast, good Singed player

Platinum III Platinum II



Amzing.! Fast! Good Job!

Gold IV Platinum IV



guy is insane with reksai man. quick fast and mad cool

Gold IV Gold I



Really amazing to see what a high elo support main can do! Really happy with the results! Would recommend anyday! :D

Gold IV Platinum IV



Very nice and fast boosting. He responds fast and 2ins amost all of his games. He only lost 2 games out of 20-30

Silver IV Gold III



Very fast, 100% wr

Gold I Platinum IV



Very gently, friendly and just nice man!

Platinum I Diamond IV




Diamond II Diamond I



Very positive and friendly booster who will have your back when climbing :)

Gold IV Platinum IV



Very nice player! I buy more boost!

Gold IV Gold I



this guy was sick fairplay, 10/10 placements goodjob

Unranked I 10 Games
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